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What Brands are Doing to Up Their Game During Coronavirus

The world is staring at what is possibly the biggest turning point in history; almost as big as the World wars. And while global economies, communities, and businesses continue to reel under the impact of lockdowns imposed in several countries, one can only wonder how significantly this is going to impact the landscape of brand advertisement.

Being extra sensitive and showing empathy seems to be the key to winning the game of advertising during this phase. Everyone is taking it upon themselves to be the harbinger of awareness and sensitivity. But while also having some good fun and showcasing their creativity to the fullest. Here are some of our favourite takes.

1. Adhesive brand Fevicol conducted a masterful and creative digital campaign around social distancing. It shows two elephants pulling away from each other with the line “Kal ke mazboot jod ke liye, aaj thodi doori maintain karona.” Not only were they one of the firsts to dit, but also did it with much aplomb!


2. We know you all miss Italy. The country has been among the worst affected during this period of Corona crisis. And while none of us might be able to travel to the country for the foreseeable future, they have ensured that we don’t miss out on its wonders either. Vienna Tourism had an extremely clever post on armchair tourism and how the city’s museums and splendors can be accessed from the comfort of homes with an access link provided. Using the hashtag #ViennaWaitsForYou, there creatives take people on a splendid virtual tour.

3. Fast food chain McDonald’s also launched a global social media campaign, splitting the letter M in its logo to convey and promote the message of social distancing. The restaurant chain, through its social media handles including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, urged citizens to avoid stepping out of their homes.

4. The aviation industry has generally been a big trendsetter in this aspect. A few days ago, Indigo poked some harmless fun at Vistara with a quirky tweet stating “Not flying higher these days we heard?”, with the hashtag #StayingParkedStayingSafe. Other Indian airlines were quick to join the conversation with their own witty comebacks, with Delhi Airport finally rounding up the conversation with a hopeful-for-the-future kind of tweet. They not only conveyed the importance of staying home, but also kept themselves relevant in the audience’s mind through a unique take on the current situation.

Which of these is your favourite?

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