We really mulled over what we wanted to write under ‘Our Team’ section. There are some 30 odd faces in this organization. Some of them bring a wealth of experience from the best companies across media, public relations, and digital communications domain. Younger ones bring an ocean of ideas, energy and passion besides dollops of knowledge in their respective domains. Each one of us has nurtured this company with a lot of effort and affection. And we’re sure you wouldn’t want to read 30 bios now, would you?

Our hope is that as you read this, you will understand that the company is here because we had one employee who believed in our vision, and another who formed the base, while a third put in extra hours to pull off a big project. And all this could happen because of collaboration. A team is about working together, and we definitely have the best one!

We would love it if you meet each one of us! Drop us an email and we would love to host you over for a cup of coffee and conversations.

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