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Best Public Affairs Agency in Delhi , India

The Public Affairs team at The Pivotals specializes in effective and efficient issue advocacy, along with conducting grassroots campaigns to drive opinions in your favour. Our team of seasoned professionals will leverage their vast network to identify field assets and concentrate stakeholders who can be mobilized anytime and anywhere to carry out any brand’s objectives.

We help clients frame issues central to their objectives to maximize the yield of advocacy efforts. The team manages to combine tactical media targeting with strategic outreach to create a dynamic public message identity.


Whether it is through efficient advocacy or through development, our team will drive client campaign forward by building on the existing strengths of the company mission and vision, and leverage the momentum brought forth by the acceptance of the client cause.



Our focus on a variety of grassroots contacts and networks, such as key influential leaders and influencers. This will help you gain support and endorsement for your cause in the public domain. 


We will help you identify your supporters, recruit, educate, and mobilize them to support and lobby your cause, ultimately influencing opinion leaders and decision makers in your favour.

How Public Affairs is Important for Your Business

Public affairs is essentially communication between a company and its most critical stakeholders. For bigger organisations, it could be their shareholders but for the rest, it could be anyone ranging from customers, vendors, media, local community, government, etc. Here is why Public Affairs is important for your business.

  • There is a need for companies to have a dedicated staff catering to handling tasks such as identifying global issues such as disease pandemics like Coronavirus, developing positions, and gathering benchmarks, while also leading government-affairs’ units to interpret regulatory outcomes.
  • Public Affairs helps break through deadlock situations, which ultimately makes it easy for different groups to provide proactive communication to support the overall company strategy.
  • Public Affairs helps companies interact seamlessly with state governments as well as the Centre. This helps the company achieve its business objectives, by interpreting the current political environment, build relationships and convey messages.
  • Public Affairs can help contain reputational damage arising from failure to deliver on promised deliverables.
  • Public Affairs plays a crucial role in developing any organization’s communication structure. communicative structure.
  • Public Affairs helps interpret laws and legislation swiftly, and then take effective measures to achieve business goals.

Why Choose The Pivotals as your

Public Affairs Agency

If you have been thinking whether hiring individual consultants to do your Public Affairs bidding is a good idea, maybe it is time to reconsider. The Pivotals, as an agency, will give your organization many benefits of engaging professionally with a Public Affairs specialist. Right from resources and capacity to engage in research-based persuasion, to offering a wide range of quintessential services such as stakeholder identification, research, briefings, and media relations, we do it all. Not just that, as a 360-degree communication firm, the Pivotals will also ideate and execute communication strategies on an ever-growing and important channel – social media – to drive your business agenda.

As the world makes big strides towards rapid economic, social and political changes, and keeps dealing with crisis ranging from recession, to pandemics like Coronavirus, the Pivotals, as an experience Public Affairs agency, will rise to the occasion to help your business thrive amidst any challenges.

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