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Best PR Agency in Delhi NCR, INDIA

Driven by unadulterated love for holistic and proactive communications, we help our clients keep pace with the ever-evolving digital media landscape by leveraging the best of traditional and new-age media tools. As the best, full-service, boutique Digital and PR Agency in Delhi NCR, we ensure that our clients are always at par with competitors (and even miles ahead of them) so that they get maximum ROI for communication. Our highly motivated and skilled team of PR professionals put their combined powers to use and help you identify the right target audience for your brand. Not just that, we then further help you create a niche PR strategy that envelops all aspects of your communication needs and help you disseminate the message through various mediums.

In a cut-throat, competitive digital world, we go beyond traditional PR metrics to bring you more value for money by deep diving into digital-first strategies. All our PR and branding services are structured in a way that best suit your needs, without applying a one-size-fits-all approach. Our top-notch executives leverage their strong and wide-ranging media relations to help you reach far and wide.

Top PR Agency in Delhi, India

Your search for the best PR agency in India ends here. Our holistic, 360-degree approach of addressing all your PR communication needs gives you the best solution that any other agency in India. Our PR and communications solutions are holistically designed to cover wide-ranging services. Rated among the Top 10 PR Agencies in India, The Pivotals has not just a nationwide, but also a great global reach. With executives fanning out across cities in the country, and strong relations with key media across 60+ national and regional publications, we are definitely anyone’s go-to in their search for the best PR agency in India. So, if you are looking for a top-rated PR agency that is agile, young, motivated, dynamic and always ready with solutions to any of your communications needs, look no further than the Pivotals.

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We offer a generous mix of creativity and functional planning to develop a PR plan, and incorporate your brand into stories, news and relevant publications.


We make your brand stand out of the clutter to engage your audience meaningfully. We create a branding strategy through storytelling and amplify the outreach through traditional and digital platforms.


We help you engage with not just media and customers, but also non-media stakeholders and investors to keep them abreast of your progress and help you grow towards your business goals.


As opposed to traditional PR, our brand of digital PR is measurable. We help create reports into the success of a campaign and gauge important metrics like engagement rates, traffic, views to measure your ROI.

Frequently Asked Questions

A public relations firm or a public relations agency is an organization that offers professional services in the field of communications. A public relations firm is generally hired to ideate, strategize, produce and execute messages for public consumption on behalf of their clients. These messages are disseminated in the form of press releases and articles across print and digital media platforms with the intention to influence public opinion in favour of the client or any specific industry issue.

A public relations firm or a PR agency helps individuals and organizations manage their reputation through various tools and technologies. A PR agency offers a lot of different services to its clients such as image management, reputation management, media relations, media communications and much more. The core work of a PR agency involves communicating a client’s credential, which includes product, service and people, to the target audience such as internal stakeholders and the general public. To do this, a PR agency deploys various tools like Press Releases, Media briefs, journalist meet-ups, press conferences, thought leadership, to widen their reach

PR Agency can help your business advertise your products and services in the most cost-effective manner possible. A PR agency can help raise awareness that you exist. When you are marketing your business, a public relations agency will build general awareness of your product, service or brand. A PR agency will also attract new customers, as when your products receive press coverage, your brand gains credibility Moreover a good PR agency can help your business by attracting investors to your brandand get you a better negotiating position with potential investors.

Digital PR is a solid modern-day strategy to increase awareness around your brand by using online methods. Digital PR improves your brand’s presence by offering an opportunity to reach out to a much wider audience that is not possible through traditional offline methods. Digital PR employs Internet-based strategies including SEO, content marketing, influencer outreach and social media. Digital PR is a powerful tool to enhance a brand’s online presence. It allows a brand to speak directly to their target audience and start a dialogue that improves your credibility and explains your focus areas well. 

You need a best PR agency in Delhi NCR to be able to effectively advertise your products and services to your target audience in the most cost-effective manner possible. The best PR agency of Delhi NCR can help raise awareness about the existence of your brand, and when you are marketing your business, a good public relations agency based in Delhi NCR will build general awareness of your product, service or brand in the region, and anywhere else your target audience is

PR can help give any brand a niche personality. PR is a great way to communicate your brand story in the most effective and credible manner. PR will help your brand tell stories and bring those stories to life in an authentic way to develop a connection with the audience. Moreover, PR will help your brand identify its target audiences and build a relevant connection with the story you tell them. Once you build a solid audience base, it becomes very easy to build your brand and grow it big.

The different types of PR relations include digital PR, media relations, community relations, corporate and social responsibility, public affairs, crisis management, social media, employee relations, and integrated marketing and communications. Each of these PR relations perform different functions and provide ROI to your business in many ways. In media relations, you build a rapport with the media and write press releases, while with Community engagement you develop a company’s relationship with the local community. In case of Public affairs, it is all about getting the government on your side, while Crisis management is the PR you need when disaster strikes

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