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How to up your content marketing game

You are not creating content for yourself; you are creating content for someone else. If you remember this golden rule, you will be more successful at creating and marketing content that is relevant to your consumers. So, stay abreast of all the trends and do these things to better your content game –

Control your narrative

The biggest change in content marketing over the past decade is that the number of brands and marketers attempting it has increased manifold. The secret is out; content marketing works. So, get this. Your brand will work only if you manage to tell your story the way you want it to be read. Since there is much more competition for attention than there was 10 years ago, it is crucial to create a niche for yourself and own it. Although, this is a long-drawn process and might take more time. For someone who wants faster results, there is always a way to leverage earned and paid media like influencer marketing and native advertising to promote your content.

Link journalism and content marketing

If we were having this conversation 10 years ago, we would have absolutely sided with the statement that journalism and content marketing only overlap at places. However, we are now in 2020, and let us tell you this – journalism and content marketing are inseparable. One can’t exist without the help of the many tools that the other offers. Those in journalism will understand. Even those in content marketing need to learn some of the ropes of journalism to be able to create quality content. While journalism purists will have to set aside their ego, and dabble in the tricks of content marketing to be able to better promote their quality content.

Live in the moment (Moment Marketing)

If you are an avid marketer, you will surely remember that famous Paytm tweet that took the internet by storm during the announcement of demonetization in 2016. No? Let us refresh your memory. Paytm simply put out this tweet that also included their tagline, while commenting on the situation.


There is probably no better example to explain the phenomenon called Moment Marketing – one that has come to the fore in recent years but has surpassed all forms of creative digital strategy. Today, it’s not enough to simply run static, standardized digital campaigns and expect to reap tremendous ROI. Across mediums, brands are beginning to take cognizance of staying updated with the times and creating content that take current events into consideration.

Moment Marketing initially began as a way of connecting with viewers both online and offline. Today, as most of our audience moves online, Moment Marketing has evolved to create exciting campaigns or just single ads that encapsulate a current event to help brands reach a new and wider set of audience and not just their existing one. And it’s easy to join the bandwagon, too. All you have to do is monitor viral trends, create an interesting piece of content around it, and sit back and wait as users make it popular.

Having said all of this, it is also important for brands to create content that is true to what they stand for. Because if all you talk about are trends, consumers will fail to associate you strongly with one particular product, service or cause. It’s easy to get carried away by trends, but always remember to place relevance over everything else for purposeful consumer engagement.

Contextual Campaigns

Content is everywhere. We have now reached a point where almost everything around us involves content. In fact, marketers have already begun to collaborate with IT and product groups in an effort to create content based on the way people live their lives, what they do, and where they are when doing it.

Which means a good opportunity for you to grab. Contextual content marketing is the placement of ad campaigns on websites or site pages that are directly relevant to the ad you’re running. If you’re selling a Mixer, for instance, you might try to have it placed on sites listing recipes for cakes, microwaves, breads, recipe sites, etc, who basically might utilize mixers frequently.

Stop existing in silos

Content marketing is gradually taking a narrower approach. This means that as more B2B brands start account-based marketing, there’s a need to provide more targeted and tailored content to fit the needs of their target accounts. The role of marketing and sales are also becoming closer than ever. So, as a content marketer, you will have to ensure that you align closely with your sales teams to create content that resonates with certain segments.

The content you create today will decide whether it is impactful enough to not just communicate your message to your consumers, but also educate them, and persuade them to purchase your products and services over your competition. No matter what you do, or where you reach 10 years from now, creating high-quality content will never go out of style.

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