How new-age media is changing content development

How new-age media is changing content development

Scroll down your Twitter feed and every other ‘tweeter’ will have the prefix ‘Chowkidar’ attached to their handles. When the ‘Main Bhi Chowkidar’ campaign hit our social media feeds, most of us dismissed it as just another gimmick. But we underestimated it grossly.

According to an ET report, 54 percent of the nation’s top digital media leaders believed that the ‘Main Bhi Chowkidar’ campaign was impactful. That’s basically saying that a majority of voters have arguably sealed their votes in favour of one political party.

The power of new-age media is unprecedented. What is even more interesting to note is how it has also changed the type of content that is developed for consumption. Content consumers today have unknowingly become the most powerful audiences that most brands will ever see. So, whether or not they know this, they do end up dictating the kind of content companies, brands, and individuals create, and how it is distributed.

This has happened because technology has empowered this new-age audience to take control of conversations that are directed towards them. They have the tools to advocate, share their ideas, and hold leaders and brands accountable. This high level of involvement has changed everything.

This is probably why the Chowkidar campaign is seeing all this success. The campaign became a global movement, with Prime Minister Narendra Modi urging people to join the ranks of ‘Chowkidars’ who will guard the country against all things evil.

Chowkidar Tweet

One tweet got the support of crores of people, and the baton to carry this campaign forward was passed on to the audience. Every chowkidar on social media now started driving the discussion around elections — posting videos in support, engaging in conversations, driving leads, and eventually votes. All BJP did was create a social media strategy around one word and a tweet, and the consumers did the rest!

The singular work of brands should now be focused on giving relevant content. It’s the only gateway into the audience’s world and gaining their loyalty forever.


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