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What is Crisis Management?

The world is changing dynamically, and all of a sudden, we are witnessing events like ever before. Whether it is global recessions, political crises, social breakdowns, or pandemics such as Coronavirus, all these are leading to major unrest and even organizational crisis.

In such cases, crisis management comes to the rescue in the following ways:

  • Crisis Management has activities that helps decision makers and leaders analyze and understand events which might lead to a future crisis and avert those.
  • Crisis Management arms managers and employees with material to respond effectively to changes in the business culture at large.
  • Crisis Management helps with coordination amongst different departments to overcome emergency situations, such as global pandemics like Coronavirus.
  • Crisis Management trains employees at the time of crisis to communicate effectively
  • Crisis Management helps dispel rumours, misinformation, and controls panic arising due to fear of current crisis situation.
  • Crisis Management helps organizations stay connected to key stakeholders such as employees, external clients, media, government and more.

Best Crisis Management Company in Delhi , India

The Pivotals is among the top crisis management companies of India, and can help your brand prepare for a crisis before it occurs. Our team of seasoned professionals from different industries will respond to a crisis when it occurs, and help you effectively rebuild your reputation after the crisis. Our Crisis Management Services in have been rated the best in the industry and we leave no stone unturned in ensuring that your brand reputation is salvaged. Our team analyses any crisis situation quickly and utilizes opportunities to come out with the best solutions. We draft quick solutions and execute it in the best possible manner. Our team is spread across the country and they are able in understanding any kind of crisis that may or may not hit your organization reputation.

We have helped our clients sail through crisis ranging from business and personal litigation, trade disputes, environmental problems, ill-informed public, sexual harassment and sexual discrimination cases, labor issues and a variety of sensitive issues.

We prepare your brand to face and battle stormy crisis situations

A crisis can strike your business at any moment when a sudden event threatens the viability or integrity of your brand, we step in to help you quickly contain any crisis and recover from its impact.

How we Help You to Resolve Crises


We help examine some of the most common and key challenges plaguing your organization to come up with an effective management plan that is easy to follow in the times of crisis.


We devise customized solutions for different crisis needs. Our team conceptualizes and executes a strategy to manage communication through relevant content and channels to disseminate your brand message effectively.


We identify and prioritize key stakeholders before a crisis hits to empower them with communication tactics, and successfully manage their responses to almost any event.


We undertake brand -repair efforts by formulating guidelines for post-crisis communication, which will help build trust and transparency with stakeholders, both within and outside the organization.

Reason to Choose The Pivotals as Your Crisis Management Company

The Pivotals has successfully handled crisis management and communications for organizations of all types. The various crisis issues we have handled include health, safety and environmental concerns, criminal misconduct, financial and corporate controversies, internet attacks and various types of workplace issues. We help you develop and implement a communications strategy based on messages that support your business plan and resonate with your stakeholders. We prepare your staff and media spokesperson and teach you how to communicate with external stakeholders, including the media, ultimately mastering the toughest of interviews. Our crisis communication team ensures that your brand reputation remains spotless and squeaky clean.

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