Pr and Marketing

PR And Marketing Are Not Same: Here Lies The Differences

A lot of communication professionals often assume that Public Relations and Marketing are the same. This is highly mistaken and can hamper your career growth. Therefore, you need to understand the differences and we are here to help you with this. 


Firstly, let us understand that marketing is a business activity that aims at promoting, advertising and selling the company’s products and services. The term marketing has various definitions. Few call it shopping for products or services, others call it merchandising, while some link it with the selling of the product. In real sense, shopping, merchandising and selling all are covered under the activity jointly known as marketing. Therefore, in short, we can say that marketing is a management process, which is concerned with the buying and selling of products and services, that include all the activities that involve the movement of product from concept to the customer. Product designing, warehousing, packaging, transportation, delivering, advertising, branding, selling, pricing, etc. are all part of marketing activities. 


Whereas Public Relations or commonly known as PR is a communication process where the company seeks to build a strong and healthy relationship between the company and the general public, which is mutually beneficial for them. It is an act of managing and disseminating information amidst the company and the general public. It is a process, where an organisation gains exposure to the audience through third-party endorsements, wherein news or other topics of public interest are used to share the organisation’s positive stories. For instance, newsletters, press conferences, featured stories, speeches, public appearances and similar other forms of non-paid communication. Therefore, it can be concluded that PR aims at informing the public, investors, partners, potential customers, employees, clients, to influence them to make a positive perspective about the company and the brand. 


While marketing is mainly concerned with the promotion and sales of the product, Public Relations (PR) is intended to create and manage a favourable image and reputation of the company amongst the public. Now let us understand the major differences 


While Public Relations Is About Introducing A New Product To The World, Marketing Is Selling A Product

Every company today has a PR team so that the product that the company is launching is reached out to the world. The PR specialists contact relevant journalists and media houses and pitch stories so that that news is known by the world. It has no role in selling the product. Its main objective is to let the world know about the product and the work of the company behind it. On the other hand, marketing is all about convincing the audience to buy the product. 


While PR Has A Greater Impact, Marketing Is More Reliable 

PR not only takes time but is not always guaranteed, but has a greater effect. Marketing campaigns, however, are scheduled, processed, prescribed and what’s more guaranteed but has less of an effect. A brand can be sure that when they choose to market their brand in a specific way with a specific message, that message will appear exactly where they have paid for it to appear at exactly when they have scheduled it for. PR, however, is dependent on editorial and journalistic needs and integrity and is not always guaranteed because the success of a PR campaign relies on angles and stories that work for editorial teams which affects the readers’ perception in a more effective way than advertorial.


PR Is A Long-Term Process And Marketing Is A Short-Term 

As PR manages reputation, and stakeholder engagement, it is much harder to measure the ROI. Perception takes time to create and shift and may not translate into revenue and sales for months or even years. However, marketing is more concerned with the short-term effects on revenue, it is the direct promotional activity employed on behalf of a brand.


Thus, the goal for marketing teams is to reach consumers and make them think, believe or do some kind of sales-focused action. Essentially it is about selling the product or service. Whereas public relations building positive managing the communication channels between a company and its stakeholders. Overall, marketing activities are trying to achieve direct revenue, while PR is trying to drive a positive reputation through an effective PR strategy.